Services Provided

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      Short-Term Rehabilitation

      Our state-of-the-art gym and rehab program, which are offered 7 day a week, produces optimal results in physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

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      Long-Term Care

      At Little Neck Care, we offer long term care for patients to meet their medical and daily activity needs.  Our entire interdisciplinary team devises and implements a personalized plan of care for each resident.

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      Intensive Rehabilitation Programs: Physical, Occupational, & Speech

      We use motorized rehabilitation, virtual therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, as well as electrical stimulation to help renew strength and mobility.

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      Neurologic Rehabilitation

      Neurological rehabilitation is a program designed for people with diseases, trauma or nervous system disorders.  This programs helps increase function, reduce symptoms and improve overall patient well-being.

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      Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

      We provide post-surgical rehabilitation to return patients back to their prior level of physical function.

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      Amputee Treatment

      Our Amputee rehabilitation team works closely with each patient to help restore strength and confidence, regain function and mobility and renew an independent lifestyle.

    •  WECare

      24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care

      24-hour care is provided by licensed nurses. This includes collaborating with physicians for rapidly changing care needs.

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      24-Hour Physician Availability

      At Little Neck Care Center, a primary care physician is on call and available to meet your medical needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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      Home Care Management for Community Reintegration

      Our gym is equipped with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen set up to retrain the resident for activities of daily living and a safe discharge home.

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      Pain Management

      With the use of acupuncture, e-stim and other interdisciplinary approaches, we ease the suffering and improve the quality of life of those living with pain.

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      Cardio-Pulmonary Therapy

      Cardio-Pulmonary Care focuses on improving the physical function of those living with cardio-pulmonary disease or those who have suffered from a heart attack.

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      Onsite Wound Care

      Our wound care doctor comes in weekly and our specially trained nursing staff treats superficial, stage four, wound vac, and various other wounds to which expert care is available.

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      IV Therapy (PICC & Central Lines)

      Our IV certified nurses can provide complex intravenous therapy, including PICC Lines and Central Lines.

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      Stroke Therapy

      Our Stroke Rehabilitation Program works on a case by case basis to help re-learn skills that were impacted by a stroke.

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      Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Treatment

      At Little Neck Care Center, we understand the challenges faced by patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and Cognitive Impairment.  Our treatment is tailored on a case by case basis to the specific needs of the patient.

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      At Little Neck Care Center, we specialize in caring for patients who are suffering illness as a result of a compromised immune system.  We provide education, support and medication management to help improve quality of life.

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      Comfort Care

      Little Neck Care Center is dedicated to make the residents feel comfortable and dignified for the duration of their stay.

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      Care Planning with our Licensed Social Workers

      Our licensed social workers take pride in helping residents with their emotional and day to day needs, while also finding appropriate living arraignments following their stay at Little Neck Care Center.

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      Applying for Medicaid

      Our medicaid coordinators are available to help our patients and family throughout the Medicaid Application process.

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      Numerous House Specialists

      Including; Ophthalmologist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Dentist, Podiatrist, Gastroenterologist, Optometrist, Pulmonologist, Surgical & Urologist