At Little Neck Care Center, we understand the difficulties that come with making a decision for you or your loved one. This is why the Admissions Department takes pride in knowing that we can and will answer all of your inquiries as well as address all of your concerns prior to coming in. Being that this is the first step in the process of getting you or your loved one into our facility, we will do all we can to ensure a smooth transition from the hospital or community into Little Neck Care Center.


Will my insurance cover my stay?

Medicare, Medicaid, as well as most HMO’s are accepted as a payer source during your stay here. Private payment is also accepted for eligible patients who require a stay but are not covered by insurance. For further inquiries about insurance coverage, please feel free to call the Admissions Office at 718-423-6400 x.620/643

How does the admissions process begin?

The first step in the admissions process begins with a PRI (Patient Review Instrument). This is a tool that the facility uses to clinically determine if we can appropriately care for you or your loved one. Following clinical acceptance, insurance verification takes place to financially approve the patient. From there, upon bed availability, the eligible patient is admitted into our facility.

If you or your loved one is currently in…

  • A hospital—the hospital case manager/social worker working on you or your loved ones case can fax the PRI, screen, and any appropriate paper work to our Admissions office for evaluation at 718-428-0737.
  • Home—a PRI and Screen needs to be completed by a home care nurse or visiting nurse and faxed to our Admissions office at 718-428-0737.
  • Another facility—you may request that the social work department at the facility you or your family member is currently residing at to complete and fax a PRI and screen to our Admissions Office at 718-428-0737.